Commercial Refrigeration Services in Lowell, MA

Are you searching for refrigerator repair services in Lowell MA? Well, we’ve got you covered here at Cool-Rite Mechanical. We have been your premier contractor for commercial refrigeration repair and service since 1988.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services

At our commercial refrigeration service, we understand the significance of minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted business operations. Our commitment to establishing long-term relationships means that we always prioritize offering you the most fair and reasonable pricing options. With extensive experience working with various makes and models, our skilled technicians possess the expertise to perform swift and accurate diagnostics. This enables us to provide our customers with top-notch technical services, ensuring efficient and timely repairs. Trust us to get your business up and running smoothly in no time!
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Signs Your Fridge May Need Repair

  1. Food expires prior to the expiration date. If your food has started to spoil way before the printed expiration date, it could mean that your fridge is breaking down or you have a damaged temperature gauge.
  2. Changes in the electric bill. If you have started to see an increase or decrease in your electric bills without adjusting your living habits, this could be another telltale sign that your fridge is working too hard.
  3. Ice crystals in the fridge. Make sure that you check the temperature settings on the inside of your fridge. If you notice ice on the shelves, food, and drawers, it could mean it’s time to have your fridge inspected by a professional.
  4. Pooling water in front of the fridge. If you are frequently cleaning up puddles of water in front of your fridge, it is a strong sign that your fridge isn’t working properly.
  5. Strange sounds. Fridges are supposed to make noises when they run. However, if you notice squealing sounds, knocking sounds, or humming noises, this could be an issue with the condenser fan or motor shaft.
  6. Older than 10 years. If your fridge is older than 10 years old, things are probably bound to start happening. Cool-Rite Mechanical can come up and make sure that your fridge runs like new again!


We Service a Broad Range of Fridge Brands

  • True
  • Beverage Air
  • Walk-in coolers
  • Walk-in freezer
  • Display coolers
  • Beer coolers
  • Ice machines
  • Keg coolers
  • And more!

Save time and money with regularly scheduled maintenance today. Give us a call for commercial refrigeration services today if you are searching for refrigeration repair in Lowell MA. We provide yearly maintenance that can help prevent costly repairs. Our yearly maintenance can also extend the life of your fridge.